Most Common Auto Injury Doctors Questions

After you’ve been injured in an auto accident, most people don’t know what to do next. Auto injuries often have a delayed onset of pain and symptoms for days or even weeks after the accident. So, check out our FAQ’s to help you after an automobile accident.

My car does not have much damage. Does that mean my body is OK too?

Just because your car did not suffer much damage does not mean the same for your body. Low impact collisions can cause injuries just as a high speed collision. Low impact does not equate to low injury! Insurance companies would like accident victims to believe that minor car damage means that no injuries were sustained.

What do I need to know about low impact auto accidents?

You could have sustained a serious injury from an auto accident even with NO car damage. Some injuries take days, weeks, or even months to appear. In fact, even minor injuries can cause permanent damage or arthritis. The at-fault auto insurance is responsible for paying your medical bills. So, you DON’T need health insurance to receive care.

Are there co pays or deductibles to see an auto accident doctor?

You could be entitled to medical care at No Cost to you for your injuries, even if the accident was your fault. Most insurance policies in Texas include personal injury protection (PIP) which will cover medical care for you and the passengers in your car, regardless of who caused the accident.

Why auto accident doctors vs. primary care physician?

Primary care physicians are not accustomed to caring for auto accident injuries. These doctors often complain of the constant requests for medical records, the requests to be deposed, and the difficulties associated with filing medical bills with automobile insurance companies.

What about litigation or settlements from an auto accident?

If your case goes to trial, the doctor may be subpoenaed to testify or, at the very least, get deposed. A family care doctor (generally) is more familiar with treating colds, stomach pains, and twisted ankles, than testifying in open court. The process can be very time consuming, and in turn, very costly because the doctor won’t be able to care for their usual patients. Therefore, family doctors gladly pass this responsibility onto physicians that specialize in auto accident injuries, because they are familiar with the legal process and present a better case on your behalf.

Is there a difference between billing my health insurance or auto insurance for treatment?

If you are in a car accident, the doctor must bill auto insurance instead of health insurance companies. There are different rules, regulations, forms, stipulations, limits, the list goes on! Therefore, your family doctor, unfamiliar with the auto insurance billing, would rather refer you to someone who knows how to do it. Yet another reason there are doctors who specialize in car accidents.