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Google ★★★★★
Tomas Herrera
“Very effective treatments and exercises along with a great staff professional and friendly. Very flexible to work around my job and appointment here. Highly recommend this location to friends and family if ever needed. Always feel welcomed and comfortable along with getting great treatment for my recovery from my accident.”

Google ★★★★★
Janice Lareau
“The people here really get to know you. It’s a breath of fresh air going in. They make you feel welcome and they really care. It’s a positive environment. I feel motivated to do more with myself and to continue moving around. I feel more active. I’ve been coming only a couple weeks. But the accident I had really turned for the good having a positive environment to come to helps with perspective. Thank y’all for being real!”

Google ★★★★★
MillMills ASMR
“This place has treated my mom awesome. She was recently in an accident and they are slowly but surely getting her back on her feet. The staff is very friendly and helpful and most importantly very patient.
Patsy ( transportation) It’s so amazing as well. I don’t know what I would do if there wasn’t an option to pick up and drop off patients to and from her appointment. Thank you ChiroCare 👍🏻”

Auto Injury Doctors San Antonio TX

There are almost 6 million car accidents annually and over half of these incidents result in injury. Yet most people involved in a motor vehicle accident are unaware of the steps they need to take to protect themselves…
Unfortunately, due to financial reasons, the stress of our daily lives, familial obligations, or other reasons, some accident victims choose not to seek medical attention, but failing to seek medical attention can be detrimental to your health. Neck, low back, and soft tissue injuries don’t necessarily show up immediately after an accident. In fact, most injuries can take up to a few days or even weeks to present. Failing to address your can have dire, long-term consequences.

Auto Injury Treatment – Failing To Seek Proper Treatment

Failing to seek treatment can over time affect your daily activities and your ability to work or enjoy life generally. Paying attention and reporting to your doctor how your life is affected by your injury can help to further tailor a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Stopping Treatment Before Your Treatment Plans Are Completed

It can be tempting to discontinue treatment as soon as you feel even slightly better, but this can affect your long-term outcome. Communicating with your doctor as to how you feel you’re responding to the treatment can assist in determining whether any adjustments to your plan should be made.

Should My Child Be Evaluated After an Accident?

Absolutely! Chiropractors are trained in biomechanics and able to detect misalignments of the spine. Addressing these misalignments of the spine can prevent further injury or chronic pain from developing later in life. Click here to read more common auto injury doctor questions.

Paying for Auto Injury Care

Many times, auto accident injuries occur at the fault of another party. Unfortunately, many primary care providers do not accept 3rd party insurance and may refuse to see patients who are unable to afford treatment. These patients are often turned away with little direction and left injured, confused, and frustrated. Our office is able to treat patients who are unable to afford necessary care and can assist you in finding other health care services you may need, including diagnostic imaging, pain management and orthopedic surgeons to ensure you get the care you need following an injury.

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Your auto injury doctors San Antonio TX treatment will be performed by licensed chiropractors and other professionals… Schedule your appointment now.

Are you ready for a consultation?

Your auto injury doctors San Antonio TX treatment will be performed by licensed chiropractors and other professionals. Schedule your appointment today.


You could be entitled to receive medical care at No Cost to you… Most insurance policies in Texas include personal injury protection (PIP) which will cover medical care for you and the passengers in your vehicle, regardless of who caused the accident.